Club Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for all matters relating to the club, ranging from the organisation of club gradings to less taxing matters such as club dinners.

The Executive Committee comprises the following public spirited/gullible individuals:

Senseis (Instructors):

Dario Ghazi (5th Dan)
Sam Mir (3rd Dan)

Team Captain: Alex Nik
Secretary & Treasurer: Eike

London Karate Cup – February 2010

Report from London Karate Cup – 14 February 2010

With only an evening’s rest the LSE team arose early the next day for the London Karate Cup and put in yet an another impressive performance, deploying very naturally the resilience and commitment which their coach, Sensei Ghazi, has very carefully cultivated during the last few months of training.

The club was represented by Sensei Dario Ghazi, club captain Sam Mir, Velin Djidjev, Ardavan Ghazi and Karen Dolph. All returned from the tournament with a medal. In total the club secured a further 5 medals – 2 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze.
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Southern Regions Shotokan Karate Championships

LSE Karate team excels again and again

Report from Regional Championships – 13 February 2010

The LSE was represented in force at the Southern Regions Shotokan Karate Championships held in Crawley on 13 February 2010. And once more the team emerged victorious and did the University proud with an impressive haul of medals.

Shotokan is the most traditional of karate forms practiced internationally. Competitions focus on kata (set forms) and kumite (fighting) and all those competing for the LSE, who ranged in grade (belt) levels from novice to advanced, competed in both.

In the individual kata rounds Sam Mir, Velin Djidjev and Colin Spurway produced a number of focussed and impressive performances, all reaching the semi-finals of their respective categories. Sam and Velin were then led by Sensei Dario Ghazi in the team kata event, where the team performed in perfect unison the explosive and powerful black-belt kata known as ‘Bassai Dai’ . With characteristic determination and poise Sensei Dario led his kata team through to the decisive final round, where the team took 3 silver medals for the LSE.
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Club Location

Location Map

LSEKC is located in the heart of central London on the campuses of London School of Economics. The Dojo is in the Old building which is located on the Houghton Street.

Nearest Tube Stations:



Old Gym, Old Building

Houghton street, London


The Social Side

As a University Club, we believe that Karate should be fun and enjoyable, so the Club had a full and active social side. Apart from the various club dinners that are held throughout the year, the Club participates fully in the various social events organised by the Athletics Union.

Since 2002, the Club has made efforts to establish links with other University Karate Clubs with intention to have several joint training and social events . These joint training & social events with other clubs take place regularly.

The Club

The Club

The London School of Economics Karate Club (LSEKC) is one of the most established sports clubs at the LSE. Comprising of over 25 undergraduate and post-graduate students, the Club is one of largest martial arts clubs in the School and probably one of the most diverse in the country. Drawing upon the LSE’s international reputation, the Club is proud to have members originating from all corners of globe! At the last count, the Club’s members originated from as far a field as Tokyo, Moscow and California, to more humble locations such as London and Cardiff! LSEKC aims to provide a professional training in a friendly and welcoming environment. As a University Club, we proudly cater for all levels of ability, ranging from the complete beginner to the more experienced participant.

Who can join?

Membership of the Club is available to any registered student or staff member of the London School of Economics, upon payment of a £20 Athletic Union annual membership fee. General members of the public who wish to join must contact the club for further details.

Training costs just £4 per session for LSE students and funding made available from our generous sponsors allows the Club to keep the class fees low. This makes Karate one of the cheapest sports to participate in at the LSE!!!